Sahba Naderi is a Structural Engineer based in the Beverly Hills, California. Over the course of his career, Sahba has played an instrumental role in the design and supervision of a variety of construction projects, on both the residential and commercial sides of the business.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Sahba is a committed philanthropist and an avid traveler. Over the years, Sahba Naderi has been a dedicated member of a number of community service organizations and goodwill efforts. He has supported causes of many sorts, related to the environment.

Growing up, Sahba Naderi and his family traveled a great deal. These experiences in different parts of the world, at a young age, allowed him to develop a unique perspective into the variety of lives, histories, and cultures far and wide. Sahba Naderi understands that we have a finite amount of time on this planet, and he aims to explore as much of it as he can during this time.