Barcelona’s Best Market Restaurants

Barcelona is a city unlike any other. There’s beautiful architecture across the city and the food you find there is delicious. The city possesses a rich history and a wonderful local culture, which you’ll certainly want to experience if you travel there. A large part of the culture of Barcelona is their markets, which feature local food and enchanting places to eat. Visitors have the opportunity to purchase goods and food local to the area and can also sample some unique and incredible dishes.

Mercat de Santa Caterina, La Ribera, Ciutat Vella

This market is a favorite of the locals, so you’ll be able to get a real feel for what Barcelona is like if you visit Santa Caterina. Since it was originally opened, Santa Caterina has gone through some remodeling. In 2005, the market got a new multi-colored roof that fits in with Barcelona’s attempt to modernize its markets for the 21st century. There are many stalls you can stop at, but the main attractions are the produce, fish, and meat stands. There are also various restaurant stalls you can stop and get food at, such as Cuines Santa Caterina and Bar Joan.

Mercat de Sants, Sants

This stunning brick building opened a little over a hundred years ago after it was designed by Pere Falqués. You’ll want to take the time to truly appreciate the architecture of this market before you make your way inside. Inside the market is Montero, where visitors can take menjars casolans (homemade meals) home or stay and eat the meals at one of the tables located in the market.

Mercat de Sant Antoni, Sant Antoni

This market underwent an extensive renovation, but will be open once again come 2018. While you may not be able to walk around the classic marketplace of Sant Antoni, the market has been set up nearby so merchants can keep their stalls open while the original building is being remodeled. You can browse the food and clothes or wait until Sunday to look through the many books the marketplace features. Whenever you go, take time to stop at Rekons, which has a terrace where you can enjoy your empanadas.

Mercat de la Llibertat, Gràcia

Located in a nice section of town and out of the way of the usual tourists, la Llibertat is a wonderful market for you to explore. In this section of the city, you’ll find great restaurants and shops, outside of the market itself. While this market has been renovated over the years, the outside retains its original style and lacks the modern touches that many of the more popular markets have been given. The restaurant to check out at this market is El Tast de Joan Noi. It’s unassuming, but its chef used to work at one of Barcelona’s best seafood restaurants.


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