3 Airports That Give Free Tours During Your Layover

One of the worst parts of any airline trip is a lengthy layover during your flight. Your time may be spent browsing the internet, trying to catch a nap on uncomfortable seats or window shopping the same stores over and over again. Although airports try to provide diversions like movies, arcades and sports bars, six hours can be hard to take. Happily, there are some airports that offer free tours lasting from a few hours to as much as six hours that you can take at no cost while you wait for your flight.

There are many options to take guided tours or tour on your own to see the sights. Because you are considered an “in transit passenger” you will not need a visa to take these tours. Here are three cities that allow for a quick getaway before your flight.

Salt Lake City International Airport

If you have a few hours, you can take a shuttle from the airport to Temple Square, Utah’s most popular tourist destination. It is located right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City and the tour is free. The site is replete with historic structures for those history buffs. At Christmas, the lights are stunning and said to be the best on the West Coast. From one of the many rooftop restaurants you can get spectacular views of the city while you dine on local fare.

Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan

Choose a self-guided tour or hire a local tour guide to point out the sights of the city. There is the famed Narita-san Shin shoji Temple or the wonderful cherry blossom gardens for a stroll. Sample the local cuisine or visit an iconic Japanese shrine. One of the scheduled tours takes visitors to the Museum of Aeronautical Science. For a self-guided shopping tour a shuttle bus can take you to Shusui Premium Outlets or AEON Mall Narita.

Ataturk Airport Istanbul,Turkey

If you have a 6 hour layover and are a passenger on Turkish Airlines, you can see Istanbul on one of five tours offered daily. A shorter tour of 2-1/2 hours is also available. Stops include The Grand Bazaar, the world’s biggest and oldest covered market, Hagia Sophia for a view of Byzantine architecture, the Walls of Constantine and of course shopping. Depending on the time of your tour, you may also be treated to free lunch or dinner.


Artificial Intelligence in Civil Engineering

AI in CE

Civil engineering is a field that has been around for years, and will continue to be a central part of society for years to come. The construction industry as a whole is vital to the function of cities around the world, and must be constantly adapting in order to maintain its structure, both literally and figuratively.

Advancements in engineering technology throughout time have allowed those working in the field to stay on top of the ever changing world. For example, the development of tools dating back to the Stone Age has stood the test of time, including hammers, axes, sickles for harvesting, and drills. Techniques, designs, and the materials used have changed time and time again, and are continuing to do so. This brings forth the idea of incorporating one of the most groundbreaking forms of technology today in civil engineering, which is artificial intelligence.

Many people seem to agree that the next industrial revolution is nearing with how rapidly technology is advancing, and how much leaders in the field of engineering have been striving to create new ways of completing tasks much more simply. The introduction of artificial intelligence in civil engineering could allow the most commonly used, and most effective machines to think on their own.

The requirement of big data can be made much simpler with artificial intelligence. Civil engineering has become an industry full of smoothly run computers, but AI would be able to self-diagnose, learn, and multitask with the help of manmade framework through these computers. Experienced practitioners would not have to tap into their mathematical skills nearly as much with machines in place capable of doing their jobs for them. Cutting the time required in half, AI would be able to solve the world’s most complex problems with the intelligence of the field’s most skilled professionals.

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