The Best Christmas Travel Destinations

If you and your family are planning a holiday vacation, the process of deciding where to go can be a difficult one. If you’re traveling alone however, refer back to my previous blog post here. There are countless destinations around the world that can enhance your Christmas experience, and those listed below are just a few of many.


The gothic and baroque architecture in this beautiful country can set the scene for a winter wonderland when covered in a light dusting of snow. Both Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square host holiday markets around this time of year, while also providing luxury housing with Hotel Josef; a massive 109-room hotel with 24-hour concierge service. Additionally, both the State Opera and National Theater have a variety holiday shows and ballets.

Boston, Massachusetts

One of the most popular New England cities, Boston embodies the seasonal ambience with snowy conditions, cobblestone streets, and holiday decorations lining several neighborhoods. At the Sanders Theatre in Harvard, shows like Christmas Revels, detailing the ghosts of Christmases past, will surely put any visitor in the holiday spirit. Restaurants like No. 9 Park offer holiday lunches with French and Italian influences, and several desserts.


In the city of Malmö, the tradition of leaving Santa Claus milk and cookies has a bit of a twist. Rather, locals leave a meal of aquavit and herring by the fireplace, showcasing their flare for large helpings and buffets. The Grand Hotel Garden Malmö serves traditional Swedish Christmas dishes on Christmas day, which are part of an all-you-can-eat buffet. Decorations, lights, and Christmas trees line the city, with ice skating rinks to match.

Key West, Florida

For those seeking warmer climates during the holiday season, Key West offers palm trees covered in Christmas lights, historic inns and hotels, and plenty of restaurants offering holiday dishes. Perhaps one of the more unique celebrations during this time of year is the city’s “Bight Before Christmas.” This includes covering boats in Christmas lights, lining harbors with trees and decorations, holiday parades, and even classic car shows.

Quebec City, Canada

Yet another European-esque city lining cobblestone streets with Christmas lights, Quebec offers a truly ideal holiday atmosphere during this time of year. With French restaurants serving seasonal dishes and traditional Québécois cuisine, places like the Aux Anciens Canadiens are open Christmas day. It would be difficult not to embrace the holiday season with 17th-century inspired meals like grilled pheasant breast, much like what characters ate in Charles Dickens’ piece A Christmas Carol.

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Los Angeles Travel Guide

For those looking to truly experience the west coast of the United States, the iconic city of Los Angeles, California embodies American culture through some of the country’s best restaurants, nightlife, weather, and people-watching destinations. As the largest international airport in the U.S., LAX welcomes visitors from all over the world, and serves as a gateway to the country’s most vibrant city along the Pacific Ocean.

Home to some of the world’s best restaurants, Los Angeles has an eclectic mix of cuisines ranging from traditional American, all the way to Indian, and everything in between. A.O.C. is one of the city’s most well known restaurants, serving small Mediterranean plates with wines to pair. This restaurant also has a vast cheese selection that would impress any connoisseur.

If a more exotic palate is more along the lines of what you’re seeking for dinner, the Indian restaurant Badmaashcombines traditional Indian dishes with the flair of a number of other cuisines. With plates like chili cheese naan, homemade Punjabi samosas, and spiced lamb burgers, it’s difficult to complain about not having enough options.

Once you’ve satisfied your hunger, L.A.’s nightlife pushes the boundaries of curfews with destinations like the Sunset Strip, which is lined with bars, rock clubs, dancing, and rooftop restaurants. While the lines may be long, avoiding this world famous strip would be a mistake. The possibility to bump into A-list celebrities is constantly at a high, especially when visiting iconic nightclubs like The Roxy. Musicians like Bob Marley, Neil Young, and Bruce Springsteen are just a small fraction of legendary artists to perform at this hotspot.

Aside from the busy restaurants and packed music venues, Los Angeles’s museums and art galleries are also sights to see throughout your stay in the City of Angels. The Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon Museum provides one of the best beach views, along with stunning gardens and greenery. This Spanish-style home is reminiscent of Malibu real estate from the 1930’s, lined with vibrantly colored tiles and potteries that will tempt you to make an offer on the property.

For arguably the best view of Hollywood, a trip to Barnsdall Art Park provides you with hilltop views, and access to the great Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural masterpiece, the 1921 Hollyhock House. The park also hosts the L.A. Municipal Art Gallery and Theatre, giving exhibition space to actors and performers of all kinds. During the summer, the park wine tastings and outdoor movie screenings, giving you all the more reason to visit this visually stunning estate.

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